Researching for Bonsall History Trails in the snow



Bonsall covered in a mantle of snow, researching the ‘Historic Routes of Bonsall Trail‘, view of Bonsall from Stepping Lane, this path was rebuilt by German POWs.

Extract from ‘Bonsall  – A Village and its History’ published by The Bonsall History Project

“Because it was such a hot summer Evelyn Gration would often leave her newly-born daughter outside in  her pram to enjoy the fresh air. The German POWs, who had been separated from ordinary family life for so long, were enamoured of the little girl, and made a fuss of her, in German, of course. One of the POWs however spoke good English and Evelyn and her husband struck up a friendship with him, inviting him to their house for lunch on a number of occasions he was working in Bonsall. Wili Eberweuer had served in the Luftwaffe, and had been shot down over the English Channel. To begin with he had been sent to the United States to work in the cotton fields, but now, in 1947, he found  himself in Bonsall.”

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